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Spring is here!

Our Involvement

Spring has sprung! See what happens in the heart of Knoxville, Tennessee at this time of year and how 21st Mortgage is getting involved.


Mardi Growl

March 4th, Young-Williams Animal Center hosts their annual fundraiser, Mardi Growl! Not only is it their largest fundraiser to build awareness for homeless animals, but YWAC is celebrating their 10th year of Mardi Growl! Parading down Gay Street deckedout in boas, beads, & dazzling collars, dogs own downtown Knoxville for a day. It’s a fun & furry way to bring attention to animals in need. Over 35 local businesses contribute to the fundraiser. 21st Mortgage employees love to get involved by sprucing up their own dogs & marching in the parade. Pictured, our Insurance Team Manager, Heather, participates by bringing her dog & family to the Mardi Growl parade. For more information, visit mardigrowl.org.


Dogwood Arts

If you love whimsical art, fair food, & spring blossoms, then you would love the Dogwood Arts festival! When the dogwood trees begin to blossom, Knoxville lays out pink arrows in specific neighborhoods guiding you through flourishing garden trails. On top of that, Market Square is buzzing with local artists, crafters, & food vendors. April, on our Insurance Dealer Services Team, reflects on Dogwood Arts, “It’s very lively here. They have good funnel cakes & deep fried cheesecake. There are even concerts! Usually people here [at 21st Mortgage] get excited.”

This year’s Dogwood Arts events are scheduled for March 3 – April 30. Go to dogwoodarts.com for more details.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

If this spring is your first time starting a garden, check out these helpful tips.

  1. First, choose somewhere sunny to establish your garden. Most plants need up to 6 hours of sun a day.
  2. Good soil is everything! Soft, nutritious soil lays the perfect foundation for plant’s roots. Consider tilling the ground if it is very hard & dry. Let your plants get a nutritional boost by adding used coffee grounds, cut up banana peels, & egg shells to the soil. They are high in nitrogen, potassium, & calcium, what plants feed off of.
  3. Pick your plants. This can sometimes be the hardest part because there are just so many to choose from! If you plan to grow produce, tomatoes, lettuce, & beans are just a handful of many easy vegetables to grow. If you plan to grow flowers, Marigolds, Pansies, & Eschscholzias (Californian Poppies) are not only easy on the eyes but easy to grow!
  4. Above all, start small! If this is your first time attempting a garden, don’t overwhelm yourself. It is better to triumph with little than to fail immensely.

Happy Planting!

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