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21st Cares: Louisville Christian Assistance Center

21st Mortgage volunteered at the Louisville Christian Assistance Center, whose purpose is to serve all individuals who come through their doors in need of food and clothing. Families can come to receive food and pick out clothes every two weeks. Clothing is donated to LCAC and given to the families at no charge. They are currently serving about 250 families a week. The food and personal items items come from donations and purchases from the Second Harvest Food Bank.

LCAC is a faith based ministry that is constantly reminded that God is in total control and through His Grace provides what we need. We had the opportunity to serve LCAC yesterday by cleaning and organizing the center. We also helped prepare for their annual Christmas Toy Giveaway which will be held on Saturday, December 15th. They provide those in need with the opportunity to come in and pick out Christmas toys for their children. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve our community as a team!

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