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21st Cares: Ladies of Charity Volunteering

Ladies of Charity, or LOC, is a local organization in Knoxville that consistently strives to address the immediate needs of underserved, unemployed or underemployed people in the Knoxville area - regardless of race, creed, color, or where someone is from. To address these needs, LOC aims to provide food, clothing, newborn layettes, new housing or apartment startup kits, personal care and hygiene items, and kerosene for heating fuel. Additionally, LOC also seeks to provide financial assistance for medication, utilities and rent.

“Being able to volunteer at the Ladies of Charity, was a very rewarding and humbling experience. It was great being able to volunteer with an organization that does so much for those within the community, and being able to be apart of that, even just briefly, was an amazing experience.” – Ann Wilkins

Volunteers are deeply appreciated, whether those who support the Emergency Assistance Pantry and Thrift Store, as they make it possible for the Ladies of Charity to support the needs of the Knoxville community!

This month, several 21st Mortgage team members spent a few hours volunteering at LOC and helping out in whatever ways they could. These team members pulled weeds, mulched flower beds, sorted clothes, and did warehouse cleaning.

“Simply being in the position to help others is a reward in itself. While we were spreading mulch yesterday, a lady came up frantic needing food. After I helped her find someone that could take care of her, I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness. Not only for her, but for the many other people who are in her same position. This is not something that we always see while out on service projects. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to get out in the community with my team. Not only are we doing good for others, but we are growing relationships with each other.” – Julia Erksine

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