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21st Cares: KARM

Last week, several 21st Mortgage team members had the opportunity to volunteer at Knoxville Area Rescue Ministry, also known as KARM. KARM is known throughout the Knoxville area for their support in providing food, shelter, and protection for the homeless community. There are several ways that KARM can provide the resources to give back to the community, the biggest being through KARM thrift stores. All items purchased, sold, or donated to KARM thrift stores are utilized for good, such as using funds to provide meals, or to provide clothing to those in need.

The 21st team had the opportunity to help at the local KARM thrift store by providing hands to restock shelves, moving furniture and sorting through donations. The staff at this store mentioned that when they are low on employees, they are unable to restock clothing, which can prevent sales, leading to less funding that can go toward meals. By taking a few hours of their day to help, the 17 team members were able to restock around ten to 12 racks of clothing, and move heavy furniture so that it can be sold and utilized to help the homeless community in Knoxville.

“Volunteering at KARM brought to light how much we as a culture tend to waste. We must take more time to show gratitude and share our blessings with others in need moving forward.” – Ian Reilly

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