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Programs & Retailers


Washington Homebuyers – Find a mobile home retailer near you!

  • Our rates are all fixed rates
  • Land is not a requirement
  • Park or Community homes are eligible for financing
  • Permanent or nonpermanent foundations
  • Primary, Secondary, Investment, and “Buy-For” (purchase for someone else)
  • Closing costs and most third party fees may be financed
  • Land-in-lieu program – land used in lieu of cash down payment
  • Land/Home purchase – purchasing land and home together
  • Single section and multi-section home financing

Major Markets:  

State Licensing Disclaimer

Washington State law against discrimination prohibits discrimination in credit transactions because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex or marital status. The Washington State Human Rights Commission administers compliance with this law. Please let us know if we should investigate your credit references and/or credit history under another name.