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How To Get a Discount on Your Auto Insurance Policy

It seems like everything’s getting more expensive these days. With so many things taking a larger portion of your paycheck each month, it’s crucial to find ways to save money wherever you can. And with numerous possible discounts available, your auto insurance policy is a great place to start. What are these discounts? Read on to learn more!

A short-haired black woman in a blue and black flannel stares happily at her computer screen upon realizing how much of a discount she is getting on her auto insurance policy.

Why has my auto insurance policy gotten more expensive?

Before we get into the possible discounts available, let’s answer the question frustrating everyone: “Why are rates going up?” The simple answer: inflation. Because the cost of vehicle parts and maintenance has increased over recent years, it is now much more expensive to repair or replace your vehicle in the event of an accident. Adding to that increased price is all of the extra features newer vehicles come with. While many of these new features can drastically improve the safety of the vehicle, they are expensive to replace.

In addition to inflation, there could be a number of factors affecting your rate. Traffic violations, auto accidents, and adding additional vehicles or insured drivers can all affect the price of your auto insurance policy.

So what kinds of discounts are available to me?

While discounts may vary between carriers and states, there are some that are fairly typical across the board:

  • Multi-Vehicle/Policy: Did you know insuring more than one vehicle on your policy can lower your rate? By adding additional vehicles to a policy, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars per year! Don’t have another vehicle to insure? That’s fine, there are still options available to you too! Bundling your homeowners, renters, motorcycle, RV, or boat insurance can potentially lead to huge savings.
  • Safe Driver/Telematics: It’s no secret by now that the more accidents you have on your driving record, the higher your rate tends to be. However, did you know the opposite is true as well? Having a clean driving record can potentially lead to your auto insurance carrier rewarding you with savings. This can be added to further by utilizing Telematics, which track your driving data to determine possible additional savings. This is probably the best discount, as not only does it save you money, but it creates a safer environment for all of the other drivers on the road!
  • Early Shopper: Still got some time before your current auto insurance policy expires? Well, that can potentially save you some money! While the exact length of time required before your new policy goes into effect varies, as long as you don’t need the new coverage immediately, you could be eligible for a discount.
  • A black woman in a light blue blouse sits happily in her new car with her boyfriend after getting a great rate on their auto insurance.
  • Paperless: Probably the easiest way to save some money on your auto insurance policy, this switches your monthly statements from physical bills mailed to you to electronic statements that are emailed to you. Not only does this save you money, it also prevents the chance of your bill being delayed or lost in the mail.
  • Good Student: If you or one of the drivers included on your auto insurance policy are currently a full-time student, they may be eligible for a discount if they meet certain requirements. This usually entails maintaining a B average or better, and typically cuts off after age 25, but can potentially help to offset the increased rate caused by having a newly licensed driver added to your policy.

How do I know which discounts are available to me?

Since the possible discounts available on your auto insurance policy vary depending on the carrier and state, it’s best to speak to your auto insurance agent about what discounts you may qualify for. Not only can they best determine what you may be eligible for, they can also break down the specific discounts for you so you know exactly how much you’re saving, relieving you of unnecessary confusion and headache as you’re shopping for auto insurance quotes.

Still looking for the right auto insurance policy for you? We can help with that. At 21st Insurance Agency, our agents are committed to helping you find the coverage you need for your vehicle, with affordable rates that don’t sacrifice coverage for savings. Call one of our agents at 844-343-9408 or visit our online rater to get started on a quote today!

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