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Understanding Term Life Insurance

Term Life insurance protects you for a specified period of time - ranging from one to 30 years - and pays a death benefit only if you die during that specified term of the policy. It is a cost-effective choice if you face growing responsibilities on a limited budget, expect your financial responsibilities to decrease after a limited period or want to free your funds for other issues.

Life insurance is protection against financial loss resulting from your death. Life insurance can be sued to cover the costs that arise after your death- funeral costs, taxes, probate costs, childcare, or your mortgage and other household expenses.

Everyone should use good insurance planning to prepare for more than just replacing a lost income. Life insurance can provide for future needs of your family or business.

Proper planning with a life insurance agent can help you and your family avoid financial issues after the death of a family member.

Whether you just got married, divorced, started a family, or purchased a new home, consider your individual circumstances and the standard of living you wish to maintain for those who may depend on you.

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