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Ten Things To Do To Prepare For Winter

Home Preparation

1. Seal off drafty windows and doors. Your doors and windows can be some of the major areas where you lose heat from your home, which could be costing you money. Seal those cracks and doorways for home heating savings.

2. Clean your home's gutters. Leaves and other debris can lead to problems with your gutters working like they're supposed to. Before the weather turns, make sure to clean those gutters out, point the downspouts away from the house, and ensure the downspouts are property fastened.

3. Replace an outdated thermostat. An older thermostat could cost you money on your heating bills as the weather turns from cool to cold. A programmable or smart thermostat can help you save money on your monthly heating bills.

4. Inspect your flue system. It's important before that cold weather comes to inspect your flue system to make sure it does not have any soot or creosote buildup to avoid a fire hazard.

5. Clean or replace the air filter in your furnace. Not only does cleaning or replacing the air filter in your furnace improve the air quality, it will also make it run more efficiently.

Auto Preparation

6. Check your battery. Car batteries tend to die in the winter due to added strain placed on them by cold weather. Have your car battery tested, check for corrosion on the terminals, and replace the battery is needed.

7. Maintain proper tire pressure. Tires tend to deflate once the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Weekly checks of your tire pressure can get you the most gas milage and wear from your tires.

8. Replace brake and windshield fluids with formulas made for winter. Brake fluid can get dirty due to winter precipitation. So get fresh fluid for the brakes. Purchase winter washer fluid because other types can freeze up in cold weather.

9. Get new wiper blades. You can get a set of wiper blades for about $20, so don't overlook these affordable accessories during the wintertime. Once snow starts falling and there's ice on the glass, they tend to degrade quickly.

10. Keep the gas tank more than half full at all times. Empty space in a gas tank can allow moisture to build up. A full tank can prevent a long-unused car from suffering moisture damage.

Keeping your home insurance policy in tip-top condition is smart, too. Remember to check in with us at least once a year to update your policy so you’re covered for your new remodel, additions or personal possessions.
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