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What is the Homeowner Assistance Fund, and how can it help me?

Person selecting papers from an accordion folder in preparation for their Homeowner Assistance Fund application.

The past few years have presented people with unprecedented challenges in managing their household budgets. Mortgage payments have been a particular concern for many manufactured homeowners. Many people are asking about the Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF), how it works, and if they are eligible to take advantage of HAF.

An integral part of 21st Mortgage’s commitment to our customers is ensuring the highest level of service throughout the life of their loan. An important aspect of that service is helping manufactured homeowners understand the options available to them when unexpected financial troubles occur.

As part of this effort to help consumers navigate uncertain times, our Financial Counselors use programs, such as the Homeowner Assistance Fund, to link homeowners to all applicable resources that may be available to them. Let’s look at how the HAF could help you.

What is the Homeowner Assistance Fund?

The Homeowner Assistance Fund, or HAF, is a program overseen by the United States Treasury intended to assist households who have fallen behind on mortgage payments or other related housing expenses due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. HAF is a $9.961 billion program nationwide; however, accessible funds vary by state. Beginning your application process quickly is vital, as a few states have already begun to close their program to new applicants.

A couple sits at a table with a representative, ready to sign documents for Home Assistance Funds.

21st helping customers navigate the HAF process

To date, 21st Mortgage has worked with the HAF program officials to enable our customers to receive more than $9 million dollars in mortgage assistance payments. We can work quickly with you and the HAF program to ensure your application is handled with efficiency.

Because states administer these programs locally, information regarding the application process can often be confusing or difficult to locate. 21st Mortgage’s Financial Counselors are trained to help our customers work within their specific regions to navigate the application process successfully.

Is it difficult to get approval for HAF assistance?

One of the most frequent reasons for denial under the HAF program is the failure of homeowners to adequately complete their applications. It is vital that you remain in contact with your local HAF officials and with your mortgage servicer. Your 21st Mortgage Financial Counselor will not only assist you in providing any necessary documents to help complete your application but will also keep you updated on any information received from HAF officials and continue to work on alternative solutions that may be available to you.

Our 21st Mortgage Financial Counselors understand the documentation necessary to help you complete your application and can counsel you on the process. While steps may vary in each state and based on the specifics of your situation, it is common for the program to request some form of state ID, documentation relating to your income (such as W2s and recent pay stubs), and a recent mortgage statement.

To find out more about how to apply for the HAF program, you may check out the state-level map located here.

Are other options available for mortgage payment assistance?

The HAF program is the largest nationwide assistance option available to homeowners, but it may not be the only solution for you. Even if you are ineligible or denied for the HAF program, your 21st Mortgage Financial Counselor may be aware of additional options open to you, including internal programs to solve your short-term hardship. If you are facing financial difficulty, do not hesitate to contact your 21st Mortgage Financial Counselor.

21st Mortgage is ready with HAF answers and support.

Successful homeownership may, at times, require seeking outside resources to keep your finances on track. At 21st Mortgage, we are equipped to help our customers utilize these options and are ready to discuss your specific situation today. To discuss this with your Financial Counselor, have your loan number or Social Security number ready and contact us at 800-955-0021.

21st Mortgage is not affiliated with or sponsored by any state or federal entity related to the HAF Program.

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