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Learning and Development: A New Focus for 21st

In today’s workplace, learning and development has quickly moved up in the ranks of importance for employers, and 21st Mortgage is no different. The Leadership Team of 21st has taken a new approach to the development of its team members: an approach that develops the whole person. There is a new, increased emphasis placed on learning and development that provides opportunities to experience growth in a multitude of ways.

A New Development Program

In June 2022, Jessica Brewer became the first Director of Corporate Training for 21st Mortgage. She hit the ground running and began a new development series, Desserts & Development, that rapidly grew in popularity among team members. Attendance quickly increased so much that sessions needed to be offered more than once to accommodate for the space available. It displayed that learning and development deserves a home in the career path of 21st Team Members.

The goal of the Desserts & Development program is to meet the unseen needs of team members and in turn make an impact both professionally and personally. 21st Mortgage is proud to have offered a variety of development sessions, ranging from nutritional care, to stress management techniques, to networking events, to conflict resolution and financial education.

Leadership Academy Collage

21st Leadership Academy

A critical part of development in the workplace consists of leadership. Along with Desserts & Development, Brewer and her team at 21st offer team members the opportunity to participate in leadership training through the 21st Leadership Academy.

21st Leadership Academy is an overnight team member retreat, held at the Dancing Bear Lodge. Elle Benson, Director of Membership Management for the Center for Nonprofit Management, engages with 21st Team Members and explores the leadership styles that best work for each team. Leaders leave the training with a better understanding of their team’s specific needs and the management styles that will lead to more efficient and effective workdays, along with a happier workplace.

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