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Mighty Are the Women of 21st

“Mighty are the women” is a phrase often used by the University of Washington athletics teams to honor and represent the female athletes who compete—past, present, and future—with their programs.

East Tennessee is Home to Many Significant Women Throughout History

Throughout history, there are many women who stand out. The women who overcame obstacles every day, who paved the way for the people behind them, who set the standard for everyone. East Tennessee has played a critical role in women’s history:

Dolly Parton and her impact on children’s literacy through the Imagination Library. Pat Summitt and her 8 National Championships, 1,098 wins, and a culture of excellence that put women’s basketball on the map. And Lizzie Crozier French and her leadership for women’s suffrage.

Tennessee has its list of women who have left their mark on their respective industries and the world, and 21st Mortgage is no exception.

Mighty are the Women

Mighty are the Women of 21st

As the top lender in the nation, 13 years straight, the mighty women of 21st are creating their own spot in history in the manufactured home industry. This blog will be the first of the new series, and it features 3 Directors who lead the charge of their respective departments. Each overcoming their own obstacles to achieve success and put those around them in the position to be part of the excellence.

Beth Koella, Director of Inventory Finance

Beth Koella, Director of Inventory Finance

Beth Koella leads the Inventory Finance department that is responsible for lending to retailers who need inventory on their lots. Beth received her Bachelor’s degree in finance from Bob Jones University. She has been with 21st for 27 years and managed her department for the last 15.

Early in Beth’s career, she worked in accounting for a private school in the suburbs of Chicago before moving to Knoxville and joining a 10-person team that completed 21st Mortgage at the time. She said on this journey she always wanted to know more than just her job. She spent time with 6 different teams that gave her a diverse resume with 21st Mortgage, before she ultimately earned her position as Director of Inventory Finance.

Beth’s one piece of advice to younger women is as follows: “The biggest lesson I have ever learned is your attitude is your choice. You can be hurt, mad, etc. and that is normal; but if you hold on to it, that’s your choice. If you let it all go, you are free from it, and each day you choose to have a positive attitude is a much better day that you’ve lived in this short time you have on earth.”

Bailey Anglin, Director of Human Resources and Engagement

Bailey Anglin, Director of HR and Engagement

Bailey Anglin leads the Human Resources and Engagement department of 21st Mortgage. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Memphis and has been with 21st for 16 years. She has filled a number of roles that have aided in the success of the company over time, including leading a number of acquisitions to add to the portfolio of loans serviced by 21st.

When asked what motivates her, Bailey mentioned the positive impact she can have on team members and the example she sets for her daughters. Over time, the biggest lessons she has learned about navigating the professional environment are to work hard and always do the right thing. Bailey says that hard work and a positive attitude never go unnoticed, and it will always pay off in the end.

Bailey’s one piece of advice to younger women is as follows: “Be confident. Advocate for yourself. You are capable of anything you set your heart to.”

Jessica Brewer, Director of Corporate Training

Jessica Brewer, Director of Corporate Training

Jessica Brewer leads the charge for all corporate training at 21st Mortgage. Creating the role in 2022, her visions for learning and development are beginning to take place. Jessica received her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Maryville College. She has been with 21st for 10 years, and was previously the Senior Trainer for the Servicing department.

Jessica took on the challenge of forming a role that leads corporate training for 1,000 Team Members and counting. She has established new development programs, department-wide trainings, and leadership training for current and upcoming leaders of 21st Mortgage. She describes her journey as “patience,” giving her all in each role she has had, a little bit of trial and error, and a lot of networking and patience before finding her true passion.

Jessica’s one piece of advice to younger women is as follows: “Own your space in the room. Your worth doesn’t lie in what others think about you, or what they say about you. Love people well and let your reputation build itself off how you treat others. Then you have done all you can do. You were created valuable. Nothing changes that.”

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